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Kat's Musings

A mind dump for me

22 July 1978
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I'm here under the encouragement (by that I mean strong-armed) of ailleann23. She's my dealer as I dive deeper into that special genre of fanfic that includes, but not limited to Supernatural and The Dresden Files. She (ailleann23) is so good with the crack. I am into the following tv shows: Bones, House, and Supernatural (A great big DAMN YOU SCI/FI CHANNEL for canceling The Dresden Files)
I crochet, make beaded jewelry, and read tarot cards.
I have one cat, Jasper and one boyfriend we'll call Trick.
I have a degree in Interpersonal Communications which qualifies me to say, "Thank you for calling..." versus "Would you like fries with that?"
I have a shopping habit I need to curb but it's so hard when there are so many pretty beads, and fabulous soft yarn.
I recently discovered Etsy.com and I am seriously thinking of starting my own store front if just to earn the money back I've spent on supplies. Comments welcome in that regard always.
OH! Books. Love to read. Favorites include but are not limited to WoT (aka Wheel of Time by the late Robert Jordan), David and Leigh Eddings, The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews, The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher and Aisling Grey, Gardian series by Katie MacAlister. That's me.
-as a n00b, bones, heroes, house, i read tarot, i'm into crystal healing, my favorite tv shows:, supernatural, the dresden files